Arctic documentation

Arctic is a TypeScript library that provides OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect clients for major providers. It runs on any runtime, including Node.js, Bun, Deno, and Cloudflare Workers.

If you need a generic OAuth 2.0 client, see Oslo.


npm install arctic


If you're using Node.js 18, you'll need to polyfill the Web Crypto API. This is not required in Node.js 20, Bun, Deno, and Cloudflare Workers.

import { webcrypto } from "node:crypto";

globalThis.crypto = webcrypto as Crypto;


Arctic does not strictly follow semantic versioning. While we aim to only introduce breaking changes in major versions, we may introduce them in a minor update if a provider updates their API in a non-backward compatible way. However, they will never be introduced in a patch update.